Vintage D. W. Tarr & Co. 1852 Stoneware Bottle

For all antique bottle collectors, this is a find!!

Daniel W. Tarr bottled root beer in Boston, Massachusetts from 1851-1867. The stoneware bottles were engraved with the company name and the date.

On the top portion of this bottle is engraved: "D. W. Tarr & Co". on one line, and centered on the second line, "1852".

The 1 inch high spout is a beautiful light blue. The opening of the spout is about 1-1/2 inches in diameter. On the spout is a slight 1/2-inch high by 3/8-inch chip.

Measuring about 10 inches high with a diameter of about 4 inches, the bottle has a fine crack, just above the name, that goes around the bottle. Weight is about 3 lbs.

Below the name are a couple of slight gouges, but this is understandable, given the age of the bottle.

On the bottom of the bottle are what appears to be two small B's back-to-back.

This beautiful stoneware bottle was found "as is" in the cellar of an old Boston house.

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