Vintage David Mann Ghostrider Tapestry New Old Stock #3


Up for auction is "ANOTHER" New Old Stock Tapestry (wall hanging) of GHOSTRIDER by David Mann. This is for "another" Ghostrider Tapestry from my trailer find that is still in it's original plastic bag. Since this item is basically new, there are no holes, fraying, or fading from years of hanging on a wall.The only thing this has are the folds that need to be pressed out. This is one of many items that came out of an old sales trailer from a shirt business that closed in 1988. The tapestry has the look and feel of velvet/felt on the front but is made of 100% cotton in Hungary as stamped on back and is approximately 55.5" x 34.5" in size.

This will be the last tapestry from this find to be sold at this time as my supply has almost gotten to the end. Out of the original 12 found, two thirds of them have now been sold over the last few years. I say this is the last, but as we all know, almost anything is for sale for the right price.....even the last one.

The tapestry pictured is from a previous auction. The one you will receive is still in the same bag it was in way back in at least 1988 (if not longer)and has not been taken out, not even for pictures. If you need or would just like a picture of the tapestry being auctioned, in it's bag, just ask.

As with all auctions, please
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