Vintage Deck of German Altenburger Salon-Karte-Tarot?

is a set of old playing cards of some sort, perhaps some German card game. At first, I thought they might be tarot cards, but I am not so sure. The text on the box is all in German. I am not sure if these are some sort of tarot cards. T are 32 cards total. Box says: Altenburger Salon-Karte Nr. 148 Kornblume Sachs.Doppelbild 32 Blatt Vereinigte Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken Aktiengesellschaft Altenburg/Thuringen. AltenburgerKornblumenkarte. Cards are four different suits (hearts, leaves, diamond-shaped acorns, and balls) for 7,8,9,10. The rest are face cards with no numbers. Back of each card is a goldenrod color with nice design and marked Gesetzl Geschutzt. 2-1/4x4-1/4". Cards are in good condition, show a little wear. Box, unfortunately, is in tough shape It is in two pieces and both the top and the bottom edges are missing. What's left of the box is soiled and one of the side pieces is separating from the front. I have taken photos of all the cards so that you can see the bright colors and different designs. These will be shipped Priority in a box. **P&H includes a handling fee to help defray the cost of doing business with eBay and PayPal.***HUGE INVENTORY REDUCTION STORE SALE GOING ON NOW!* Please visit my eBay store DeVito's Books-TV Closeout Jewelry for all sorts of vintage and antiques collectibles ... read more