Vintage Decorative Glass Set Roses

Vintage Decorative Glass Set Roses

A great gift!

Very beautiful glass bottle for wine. Author's work. Hand painted with special paints for glass with roasting.

Hand wash.

Bottle-Decanter Measures 10 1/4H 5 1/2 inches.

Shot Glass 3X Measures 2 1/2 uinches.

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We have been making nesting dolls for over ten years here in St. Petersburg and are the largest doll factory in Russia. If you dont see it we can paint it for you. We specialize in custom dolls and boxes.

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As with all of our nesting dolls, this set is handcrafted in the heart of Russia. It is hand turned from linden wood and then hand painted by a professional nesting doll artist. It is a typical nesting doll, and each smaller piece of the set fits into the next larger one. Each doll is coated with 7 layers of high gloss lacquer.

All of our dolls are professionally packaged and are available in stock.

The Matryoshka or Russian nesting doll is one of the most popular and endearing examples
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