vintage Delta Milwaukee Rockwell Homecraft motor

this thing kinda surprised me when I plugged it in on the bench to be sure it ran, I turned it off and it kept running, I even looked to see if I had actually unplugged it. I guess these old motors had no braking action at all. there is no switch or plug on it. 115v, 1725 rpm, 1/2hp, heavy at over 31 lbs

off of a Delta Homecraft 8" tilting arbor saw, jointer combo

I was at an estate sale recently that had 5 buildings on the property. in the first building (a rundown leaking shed) I saw an old rusty drill press. later on I saw parts to the table saw and in another I found more parts and pieces. It wasn't easy searching all five buildings for the related pieces, found most all of the pieces to the Delta shop (one of the listings is for the manuals which have a pic of what this old Delta Home craft shop looked like) I am not ambitious enough to put it all back together, but will part it out because I know there are more than a few out there that want parts for these.

some of the labels said Delta Milwaukee, Delta Rockwell and some had all three so I am going to list all three names in the headings.

going by the printed matter and hints on some of the castings, would say this stuff is late fourties and early fifties, I am going to try and remember to show one of the manuals for reference only.
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