Vintage Designer STEVAL Etched Sterling Silver Tie Bar Clip 7.37GR

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Hi dear friends and thank you for visiting at our store.

About us: We are a family owned business dealing mainly with jewelry. We are neither gemologists nor experts, but we deal for many years with jewelry and we love unique and old jewelry. We opened our store in 2003 and during the years we developed our skills and taste in jewelry. At the beginning we focused only on fine new jewelry, and in 2008 we began to buy and sell vintage and antique costume jewelry. Marion Cohen in the book "Antique Trader Jewelry" wrote: "...Costume jewelry did survive as many women saved it for its beauty and continued to wear it. More than merely jewelry made of inexpensive materials it is art, design and fine craftsmanship. It is a reflection of its time and representative of art and design movements of those times..." Our specialty is exploring and purchasing rare and unique designer jewelry that we can offer you at low prices.

Our jewelry : Usually in our store you will find "jewelry with personality". We travel all over the world to jewelry shows, estate auctions, manufacturers and wholesalers in order to bring you jewelry that you will not be able to find
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