Vintage DG Williams Mannequin Catalog - Celebrity Heads

This is a vintage DG Williams mannequin brochure from 1980. T is a pricelist included in this dated from 1980 which authenticates it's origin - back in 1980, the price for a full mannequin was $450 and that was a premium price for a high-quality mannequin. DG Williams was the premier high-end mannequin manufacturer in the 1950's, 1960's andd through the mid-1970's and any store that bought DG Williams mannequins, which at the time were the highest priced mannequins, it would be comparable to a store using Adel Rootstein mannequins today. DG Williams was acquired by La Rosa Mannequins of Italy and no longer exists in the U.S. so this brochure represents an bygone era in mannequin history.

The brochure has 16 different male and female head styles, 16 pages of female, male and child mannequin poses and t are an average of 3 to 4 different mannequin styles on each page so t are about 60 different poses included. DG Williams was famous for creating mannequins of well-known celebrities and models of the day. Included in the mannequin head photos is Janice Dickenson, 2 different Renee Russo photos, Patti Hansen a 1970's - 80's fashion model who is married to Keith Richards and they also have a male head named "Eric" but if you look at the photo which is included in the auction, you'll see a striking resemblance to Mark Hamill -
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