Vintage DICK TRACY 1960's Ideal LITTLE HONEYMOON DOLL Space Helmet 1965 NRFB

Vintage Ideal LITTLE HONEYMOON DOLL (1965) ** Dick Tracy's Granddaughter **
This hard to find doll is the one and only Dick Tracy's granddaughter! She has never been removed from her original packaging!!! This special doll was made by Ideal in 1965. The box tells the story in comic book form. (Box shows wear, please read full condition below).
Little Honeymoon comes complete with: - a removeable space helmet - special "moon hair" that can be washed and combed - a soft cuddly body - she cries
This is a very large item. The original packaging for this doll measures approximately 20"x13"x6" and weighs over 4lbs with shipping box and packing material. Please keep that in mind... that's why the shipping cost is what it is.
CONDITION: Doll has never been removed from original packaging, NRFB. The doll is in minty, never been played with condition. Her outfit is clean and her space helmet is in mint, never removed from package condition. The box shows a lot of wear, the cello is no longer intact and there is a tear in the cardboard on the left side of the box that goes all the way thru. The graphics are still vibrant and legible on all sides, but the worn box has multiple creases, dings, dents, tears. Since she has never been removed from her box I have no way to test that she still "cries". Box says that she does. Please
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