Vintage diecast Corgi gold James Bond 007 Aston Martin 261 DB5

Diecast Corgi James Bond Aston Martin
with ejector seat, pop-up shield and pop-out weapons

No box, but has the original passenger, who is often missing, and all working parts are in good order (although the pop-up shield at the back has been a bit hair-trigger since I oiled it with WD40).

The gold paintwork is still thick and bright and the tyres in perfect condition, and from a couple of feet away it looks perfect. Close up however you can see a few small chips in the paint, and a crack in the rear window.

This was in a box of cars which were given to me second-hand when I was a child. It was only about two years old when it was given to me and I didn't really play with it, so although it's "played with" it has very little wear on it.

N.B. added 14/05/2014 - I should warn people that the pop-up shield at the back is continuing to be very temperamental since I oiled it. It pops up at the slightest knock and has to be pushed back gently up to 70 times before it re-engages and stays down.

On the plus side the suspension - which I gather is often a weak spot on these - is in lovely shape.

I've managed by experiment to find out what was wrong with the gun-shield and I've fixed it. The exhaust pipe which acts as the trigger had warped slightly and was sitting at the wrong angle: I wedged
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