Vintage Dixon Thinex Colored Pencils in Zippered Case

This is a vintage set of colored pencils made by the Joseph Dixon Pencil Company. T are 24 pencils, and each is marked "Dixon's Thinex" with the name of the color and its number. T is a nice variety of colors, including primary, secondary and tertiary, and additional pretty hues like Azure and Lake Red. Perfect for an afternoon of plein air sketching.

The pencil set comes in a black faux grain leather case that closes with a zipper. The case is marked, "Dixon, U.S.A. No. 124L." Each pencil fits into its own strap within the case, which prevents them from bunching up. The set is vintage and used, but the pencils have plently of length. The case shows wear, but is nicely intact, and the zipper works well. The case measures 7-3/4 by 5-inches and is 7/8-inches (almost an inch) thick.

This is a very nice pencil set from the world's largest pencil manufacturer with a reputation beginning in 1827 for its superior product quality.