Vintage doctor balance beam scales Chicago scales

Vintage doctor's balance beam scales. I don't know how old. T is small metal tag but it is completely worn free of lettering. On balance beam t is what appears to be "Chicago Scales Madison, Davis & Co."
Scales were working fine when purchased. When moved the foot plate became disconnected and needs to be reconnected ( see photo). T is rust as well.
The tube that the height scale slides down into is split ( see photo) but it operates fine.
Photos should tell you most of the story.
If you want to avoid the shipping charge then pick-up or if you are 50 are so miles from Nashville we can work out some delivery scenario.
Weights about 60 pounds. All metal.
I've listed it as largest package but I will ship it the cheapest way possible because I don't want to lose money on this item.. I do not intend to overcharge you for shipping. I refund anything over $1 in extra charges or we work on the shipping before you pay.
I don't ship al ot of these kind of things and I'm guessing on the charges.