Vintage DOS Gaming PC- 386 DX 40MHz 32MB RAM 13GB HDD Refurbished + Warranty

Thisauction is for fully refurbished and upgraded to the high spec vintage DOS gaming PC.

Built in February 1992, it's been in daily use till September 2011, after that it was professionally cleaned and disinfected, upgraded with 13GB ATA hard drive and high spec ISA video card. New old stock CD-RW drive has been fitted and RAM expanded to full 32MB.

Case overall in good condition- there is a crack on the front cover that has been repaired. It is fitted with very rare 386 motherboard- one of only two models that had 72-pin SIMM slots.

Comes with fresh copy of Windows 95 installed on hard drive- it can be replaced with DOS on request. Hard drive is split into two partitions- 2GB (Gigabytes) for operating system and 11GB for files, software etc. Covered by 100 days RTB warranty.


Motherboard: Abit 386 AT3

CPU: AMD 80386DX-40 40MHz

RAM: 32MB 72-pin SIMM

Hard drive: Seagate Medalist 13032

Optical drive: Teac CD-W58E

Floppy drives: 3.5” 1.44MB

5.25” 1.2MB

Graphic card: Tseng Labs ET4000 2MB VRAM

Sound card: Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE32 CT3900

Comes with:

Brand new AT keyboard

Brand new serial mouse

Power cable

100 days RTB warranty

Free postage within UK
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