Vintage "Down Beat" with Spike Jones Souvenir Program

Vintage "Down Beat" with Spike Jones Souvenir Program Features: Lindley Armstrong (Spike) Jones, a West Coast boy who, until the advent of his famous City Slickers, concentrated most of his musical efforts around the night spots and radio studios of that section of the country. Lindley Armstrong "Spike" Jones (December 14, 1911 – May 1, 1965) was a popular musician and bandleader specializing in performing satirical arrangements of popular songs. Ballads and classical works receiving the Jones treatment would be punctuated with gunshots, whistles, cowbells, and ridiculous vocals. Through the 1940s and early 1950s, the band recorded under the title Spike Jones and his City Slickers and toured the United States and Canada under the title The Musical Depreciation Revue.
size: 8" x 11"
Jones's father was a Southern Pacific railroad agent. Young Lindley got his nickname by being so thin that he was compared to a railroad spike . At the age of 11 he got his first set of drums . As a teenager he played in bands that he formed himself. A railroad restaurant chef taught him how to use pots and pans, forks, knives and spoons as musical instruments. He frequently played in theater pit orchestras . In the 1930s he joined the Victor Young orchestra and thereby got many offers to appear on radio shows, including Al Jolson 's Lifebuoy
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