Vintage Christmas Tablecloth

Santa On the Rooftop

Twas the night before Christmas and all throught the house... Look at Santa Claus up on the rooftop with the sleigh and all the reindeer. Soon he'll be going down the chimney with his sack full of goodies. See little Billy looking up the chimney trying tro get a peek? A border in red candy cane graphics that reads "Merry Christmas Greetings Merry Christmas" - how festive. A Christmas tree with children dancing around celebrating the great day. Children peeking out the window, and there's a cute little doggie that has come out of his doghouse to see Santa and his reindeer way up high. Another graphic of children taking gifts to Grandma's house.

A festive story being told on this vintage Christmas tablecloth, a favorite to be sure.

There are 2 hemmed edges and 2 selvage edges.

Dimensions: 51" x 62-1/2"


The condition is excellent and the colors are vivid. There are no holes, tears, or stains and the hem is great. The white is nice and bright. The fabric is crisp, without starch and is a nice weight with a beautiful drape. Shown below in the center is a magnified picture of two nubs that I put a stitch in to add strength. Picture on left one stitch put in a pin size weak area. Picture on the right below shows the
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