Vintage / Early Zippo Lighter 1940's * 3 BARREL* * Matching 2032695-INS.

3 Barrel -
1940's Z i p p o L igh ter
PAT 2032695 MADE in USA Original - Insert.
**** Condition; Excellent +; { I Don't clean Anything. It could take away from originality. }
- NO Dings, Dents, nicks,
- Finish is mostly intact; shows some engraving; Clean otherwise...
- 3 Barrel always aligns Exact !
- 3 Barrel- Hinge /LID has some movement when open.
- Original Insert PAT 2032695 ---{Nickel} . Super Clear stamping.- with very Early Letters..
Reasonable offers Welcome
I Purchased this Directly from a Westinghouse Director [Employee] in High management ....
Fully PRESERVED 70+ years !
* DUE to Medical Conditions; I need to SELL my Whole Collection; Zippos Lighters & Knives I'm not a Dealer or "flipper" - Just Trying to turn into Cash...
SHIPPING; $3.50 for ONE
**** $4.50 Is the MAXIMUM charge for US Shipping. Unlimited ! ! Take your time to bundle, OR Just tell me to hold Shipping Until Ready....
International; Please connect with me for the best Individual Rates - MY Cost is yours. Also (One Charge)
Including "Delivery Confirmation" USPS;
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