Description: This is a gorgeous little Edwardian C1905 item. It is a silver locket (see markings below) that has an enamel plaque on the front with beautiful blue Forget-me-Not flowers. This plaque swings round to reveal a cut-out circle below which shows a picture through it. The locket also opens and reveals that the innerds are sprung loaded and pop up revealing a different picture which can also be viewed through the cut-out circle. It works beautifully. I am unsure if the view hole would originally have had a magnifying glass in it (currently just clear plastic). The pictures are not original, they are just some that I found purely to demonstrate how the locket works though they are Edwardian in date.

Size: 22mm (7/8ths) by 15mm (5/8ths).

Condition: T is damage to the enamel flowers (see pic) and the enamel is pitted all over, presumably caused by being hung on a charm bracelet for nearly 100 years. The flowers also swing freely, they do not stay in place. The locket closes securely and the spring mechanism works perfectly. It is all tarnished and t is slight surface wear to the silver but overall good condition for something that is quite delicate.

Markings: The suspension bale has a mark that I think is a bug or ant (page 206 of the Tardy International Silver Marks book). That would make this French
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