Vintage Electric Candle Holder Lamp Lamps A Pair (2)

A pair of electrified candle holders in flawless condition. Each holder features eight (8) cut-glass prisms which are also flawless (I think the prisms are worth more than the candle holders) They stand about 9" tall. . And that is all I know. This, from dozens of boxes belonging to a retired antique dealer, of which I have agreed to get rid of on EBay. All items listed are a fraction of what the dealer price tag calls for. I have no idea what this stuff is worth (and don't care). Buyer add $10.00 .S&H. Personal check okay. Visa or MasterCard okay. PayPal okay. Live chickens okay too.A message from Hrvestuff (07/12/08) If your thing is vintage lighting fixtures and accessories/parts...keep an eye on my listings. Starting today, I am challenged with the task of listing (in EBay auction) hundreds of vintage/antique lighting related items and accessories. This the result of an antique dealer of 40 years in the antique business in which , apparantly, she never saw a lamp burner, chimney, shade, globe, or any lamp part that she didn't like. It will take a couple of months to get this stuff listed . T likely will be some "sleepers" as I know zip, nil and nada about what I am talking about.

The lamps are 8 1/2" tall on bases that are 3" square. The use normal household electric light bulbs.