Vintage Electric Computer 1960 Working Condition, Specmac Model Plasticals Co

Vintage 1960's Electric Computer 1960 Working Condition, Specmac Model Plasticals Co . Buy this and be sure to have an extremely rare, possibly one of a kind computer, imported from Detroit.
Purpose unknown and it does light up with various light settings. Very complicated switching device. Approx. 17 x 14" @ 17#
Some lights light up and vary according to the numerous switching positions. Housing intact. A couple of toggles not there; not sure they were supposed to be-they're movable. Tried on 115v, not tried on the 12v setting. What is it? Gambling? Psychology? Bar top Game? We don't know but it works.
Questions answered:
1) The date assumption comes from not only the components in the computer but also the Plasticles nameplate. It has a two digit zip code which indicates early to mid 60's. Some of the lamps on the control panel are Dial Co. which are 1950's indicator lamps.
2) Specmac is a name Plasticles Co. came up with for Special Purpose Mechanical Computer; front tag.
3) There are no chips. Chips hadn't been invented yet. This computer function appears to be all switching.
4) The computer was in the possession of an inner city Detroit collector, in a 3 story storefront of a decimated neighborhood. He has been collecting (hoarding) since the 1940's. I met him in the 60's.
5) The Specmac
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