Vintage Elks Club? Rogers Bros Silver Silverplate Spoon

GREAT condition. I have no idea if it is from the Elks club, it was just my first thought. The handle says 1847 Rogers Bros. A1. It is LARGE...9 1/6" x 2 3/4". YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!--- IMPORTANT---- PLEASE READ ALL OR DONT BID........ DO NOT pay for any item until you get an invoice with the shipping amount, I CAN NOT ship for free........ RETURNS possible under certain conditions. SHIPPING...I can not state in most listings what shipping will be because there are many variations, USPS 1st class/USPS priority/Fedex, UPS/Overseas etc and rates for diffrent areas very greatly. EXAMPLE....A 2 lb item shipped priority to Ohio may be 4.95, to Washington state Priority 8.70 parcel post 8.09. During the auction feel free to email me with your ZIP CODE or COUNTRY for a SHIPPING estimate to your location. I dont rip off on shipping, I ship the cheapest but safest way possible. ............I pack well, only 2 claims in well over 1200 shipments, but INSURANCE is ADVISED, uninsured is TOTALLY AT YOUR RISK, things can happen and I can not will not be in anyway responsible for how a shipper may mishandle a package. ...........INTERNATIONAL shippment, NO problem. Just dont ask me to fudge export papers. Also the cheapest is 1st class but ONLY up to 4 lbs can be shipped 1st class. 1st class can NOT be insured so 1st class is AT YOUR RISK......... ... read more