VINTAGE ELLESSE gym bag sweatbands TENNIS gear NEW BOX

For you consideration a collection of vintage Ellesse 'brand tennis accessories. I believe they date to just about 1970. Boxes are pre-barcode and have a 70's style price tag on them. First, a new without package ellesse gym bag that measures 18" wide and 10" high/deep and expands to 10" wide inside, with a zipper running across the top, trimmed in red. There is also an expandable shoulder strap with the ellesse logo on it. When I unpacked it, they had a slight musty smell so I am airing things out and I fabreezed it. Next are 3 new in the box headbands with the classic ellesse script and setting sun logo. Box says 'one deluze headband' ellesse Apparel without parallel." Last, I have a set of ladies (pinkish lavender ellesse label) with setting sun. Box is slightly crushed and reads "ellesse Apparel without parallel" and there is an old price tag saying $9.00 crossed out and then a red unreadable mark. THE QUALITY ON THE BANDS IS EXCEPTIONAL. They gym bag is more lightweight.