We recommend that vintage electronics whether purchased from us or someone else, should be checked and serviced for any faulty or likely to fail from age components before being put into use.
Therefore all vintage electronics are sold AS IS for parts or restoration QTY 1

VINTAGE EMERSON TUBE RADIO MODEL ? This is yet another radio from a collection we have been liquidating. The cabinet has been refinished but has some minor marks. There is a crack and a split in the wood from age as seen. The thin wood bars that make up the grille have been dented and dinged over the years. The center of the cardboard form for the loop antenna has been cut out and replaced with a patch as seen. We tried the set and it does play as heard in the video (reception will vary depending on your location). The chassis has been recapped but the set still has a bit of a hum. The speaker has a few repaired splits as seen. Items are Descr ibed to the best of my ability. As with all my electronic units, there is no warranty. WE PREFER PAYPAL BUT CAN ACCEPT OTHER PAYMENT. IF THE SHIPPING CALCULATOR DOES NOT SHOW A SHIPPING COST FOR YOUR COUNTRY THE ITEM MAY BE TOO LARGE OR HEAVY FOR PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL. Shipping Weight: 11 lbs. If you have any questions, call me at (9-5 Eastern - Mon thru Friday).