Vintage English Tapestry for wall hanging . Exquisite subject

For your valued consideration, Here we are offering an incredible wall hanging tapestry measuring 5 ft 8 inches by 8 ft 5 inches long. This lovely tapestry is finely machine woven in Belgium with an European landscape design. This piece has a cotton backing sewn in the back however it is torn and would benefit from a new cotton backing for hanging purposes.
The tapestry itself is in very good condition given the age.
The design of this tapestry is highly detailed and ornate with a great degree of sophistication.We ask you to view the images and be the judge of this elegant and graceful work of art and decide if it is worthy of your home or office decoration.
It exudes elegance & opulence so you decide and let us Win your business : )
The shipping to any USA destination via FEDEX ground will be $ 75 dollars. Kindly email your questions and we will reply ASAP.
Thank you for your viewing.