Vintage Epiphone Electar 7 String Guitar RARE

Vintage Epiphone Electar Lap Steel 7 string guitar with case and extras.
Included in this lot are:
Epiphone Electar 7 string lap steel
Electar Case
Vintage 1/4" guitar cord
Vintage slide
Vintage volume pedal with canvas carrying bag
The guitar is serial number 986 and is from the mid-1930's based on the information I have been able to locate online.
This is a 7 string model, which is rare and from what I have read were only made by special order at the time these guitars were being made.
The guitar features the art-deco design on the black body, and multi-colored fret dots. The guitar has a horseshoe style pickup and two knobs (one volume, one tone).
The electronics are working, as well as the volume/tone knobs, this was tested with my Marshall amp and it SCREAMS.
The guitar is all original, no replacement parts were ever added to it. There is one small screw missing on the felt pad which is on the back side of the neck. Easy enough to replace, but I did not want to add any non-original parts/screws to the guitar.
The body is in good condition, there are some signs of wear as the pictures show, but overall in great shape for a guitar that is over 70 years old.
The case is original, has some wear and tear, the worst being what you see in the pictures. The two closing latches are
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