Vintage Ericofon Red Telephone 1960's era - working

This dynamic style Mandarin Red Ericofon (North Electric), rotary dial telephone really reflects the excitement of the 1960's era ! The Ericofon was designed in the late 1940's by the LM Ericsson Company of Sweden. Production started in 1954 and the Ericofon was sold in North America through the North Electric Company of Galion, Ohio. Around 1961, Ericsson increased their holdings in the North Electric Company which then began producing the Ericofon for the North American market with a design update.This telephone is in very good condition. It rings, receives, makes calls, and has the current type connector which plugs into today's phone outlets. [ Height: 8 .5"; Base: 3.75" W. by 4.0" D.] Although red was not the least available of the many colors produced, there seems to be fewer red models offered for sale compared to other colors. Smoke free house.