Vintage Estate Designer .925 Sterling Silver Green Amazonite 5 mm Bead Necklace!



Metal Melt Value -- These prices come from GIA recognized Gem Guide , THE wholesale price guide for dealers. These values do not dictate what a piece is worth. This is the price a piece would be worth if stripped down and melted to its bare materials.

The History

This beautiful necklace is very well made in style and structure, surely a designer piece.

The stones in this necklace look a lot like Amazonite, but it is possible they are a form of Turquoise as well. The clasp is marked "925" to represent Sterling Silver.

The Piece

This necklace features 87 polished, smooth Amazonite beads. As noted, it is possible the beads are some type of Turquoise. The beads range in color from aqua to bright, vibrant green. Each stone has an absolutely stunning natural matrix with browns, aquas, greens and whites marbled throughout the stones. The beads measure 5 mm in diameter.

The necklace is expertly made out of solid Sterling Silver and is marked as such on the clasp. The beads are strung on Sterling Silver wire. There are singular silver bead accents on either side of the necklace chain for an added element of design.

The necklace clasp includes a sizing chain on one side, so the length of the necklace is adjustable
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