Vintage Estate Find Unique & Rare Composition Girl Boy Doll Restore Some Signed

Over 40 pieces of all vintage clothing & Body Parts !

To be honest I do not have any idea what any of these baby dolls and body parts Clothing is worth. This is never been searched. I don't have any idea what this is I was going to put in in a garbage but my friend said list it on here. Because these seem to be very old. People do restore vintage baby dolls. I do no they came from estate sale that I went to they were in and older women's Basement. So some of the clothing has stains. Some also is signed But you the bidder would no more. I am starting this at .1 cents But the shipping is going to cost about $8.00 to $10.00 dollars. So sorry that seems to be high but if for some reason I can save you a few dollars. I will do my best to ship the cheapest way. I will give a refund of any extra money after fee and shipping. If for some reason I can ship this a cheaper way. If for some reason it would cost more to ship it will be my loss.

some of the hallmarks are

1.made in japan. Tall one with yellow Yarn hair 16 1/2 INCHES Tall

2. Plastic molded arts co. L.I.C. New York

3. Stow spinning co.

4. Made in ITALY

Dolls with full body measure 12" Inches 9 1/2" Inches 7 1/2" Inches 7" Inches to 6" Inches

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