Vintage ESTATE Signed Aurora Borealis Crystal Bracelet

Brilliant, Elegant, Unique & ABSOLUTELY BREATH TAKING!

This lovely vintage bracelet up for consideration is a absolutely breathtaking & sparkling with 3 rows of Multi faceted Aurora Borealis Crystals. It is gold tone and has amazing brilliant Aurora Borealis Crystals all bezel set in a in 8 sections that have a magnificient woven lace type design! It truly is simply breath taking! It is one of the most unique equisite bracelets you have ever seen! It is even beautiful when it is on the dresser or off the wrist!!! It truly is one of the finest I have seen with a look of a million dollars. This lovely bracelet measures 7 1/2" long and is approximately 1 1/4" wide! It comes to you with a very secure fold over clasp! A. Quality brilliant rows and rows of crystals with a beautiful rainbow color play that comes off of this bracelet is magnificient! This lovely vintage bracelet is in MINT condition and is at least 60 years old! This gorgeous bracelet of A quality crystals comes to you with NO scratches or repairs ever made to and all crystals secure! It is signed with the jewelers name on the clasp but I am not positive of what is says. Sorry the eyes aren't what they used to be. I do know that my grandmother had the finest of jewelry and this bracelet is no exception, I assure you!

This lovely bracelet was left
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