Ill admit right off the bat that im not exactally a vintage or antique knife expert thats for sure , however I do have lots of that stuff and its time to get rid of alot of it .. My descriptions are probably not gonna satisfy many people but ill do my best to work with you if you want to contact me for any reason for a question about the knife id be happy to do the best i can to help.

first of all the overall legnth of the knife is about 7 1/2 in and the blade about 3 1/2 in, on the butt end of the knife it reads ESTWING ROCKFORD ILL. the Sheath also has something written on it but its very difficult to make out but i can see that it says "Hunters" the full writing might be ... Hunters Pal? thats about all i know about the knife but id be happy to send some more pictures to anyone who wants them.

Its time for spring cleaning in my basement and lots of things will be up for auction within the next few weeks which will include some antique and vintage knives that i actually have no clue what they are and how to describe them so ill take best pictures that i can to get all the detail.... also some antique fishing lures.. autographed sports memoribila....ect ect so be sure to check them out if you have any interest in that kinda stuff :)

If you have any questions for me feel free to email me at