Vintage Evergleam Stainless Aluminum 8 ft 124 Branch Christmas Tree Rare Size

I'm auctioning this Evergleam 8 Foot Aluminum tree. The photos speak for themselves. This is a rare size. When I put it together there was no shedding of the branches that usually happens. It's in pretty good condition considering how old it is.
The only thing worth mentioning is a few branches have metal rod showing where the aluminum spiraled around the branch has come apart. You don't even notice when it is set up.
Now the box is another story but you really aren't buying it for the box are you? See photos for details.
Look at the awesome aluminum tree light and revolving stand that I am selling separately.
I might need to fold the box flat flat for shipping purposes. As I mentioned it is not in great condition and I can fild it without affecting it's current condition.