vintage Eversharp Fountain Pen & Pencil Set 14k Nib

beautiful vintage set from Eversharp has a pen and pencil in brown with stripes and 14k gold nib

the fountain pen nib is marked 14k i couldn't find 14k marks anywhere else

the pencil is mechanical and works great, it is roughly 4 5/8 inches long

the lever on the pen goes back and forth like it should, the is roughly 4 3/4 inches long

no chips, cracks, or heavy scratches to either peices

please use the zoom feature to get an extra close view

i don't know very much about old pens

i am selling a small collection of them this week, not just eversharp but some others as well

please feel free to email any questions

no bids outside the u.s.a. unless you email first, then we will ship almost anywhere in the world

thanks for looking