Vintage Evinrude Handitwin Outboard Motor

This is a 1939 Evinrude Handitwin Model 4307/00400, when I got this motor is was all painted in a gray color and the prop was frozen, i stripped the paint, was able to free the prop shaft,greased the lower gears, replaced the coil,adjusted the points,replaced the plugs and wires, painted it in the original evinrude color and put on original replacements decals. its runs great and the water pump does work, howevere remememer its over 70 years old so something can still go. I live in Jersey so you can pick it up if you want, the shipping charges will have to be added to the selling price, I will use either Fedex or UPS, shipping should not be more then $75.00. Please ask any questions, I think the Pics tell it all nice motor. Will include paper for operating and general instructions .