Vintage Fairmount Celluloid Handle Scout Knife

This auction is for a vintage Fairmount pocket knife. The master blade is 2 1/2" long and marked "Fairmount Cutlery Co. N.Y. City". The handle is 3 3/8" long with celluloid sides and a shield that says "Scout Knife". I know that Camillus put out a Fairmont brand in the 1930's but that was a different spelling and the knives were made in Camillus, New York. I believe this is an obscure - and hence scarce - piece made by an independent in New York City more than likely in the 1930's. The handle ring is missing and the knife shows some wear however the celluloid while not 100% perfect is in decent shape and it's still a nice old knife overall - and old. I am getting old enough to start to forget that the 1930's were 70 years ago. The winner pays $2.75 shipping and handling.