Vintage Fire King 6 white D Handle cups & 1 D Handle Jadeite cup mugs

Y ou are looking at seven D Handle Fire King coffee cups. Six are the milk glass and one green jadeite. Three of the white & green Jadeite, are in very nice condition, having no damage to them and a nice wet look, inside and out, putting them in top condition. The three others i had soaked in bleach to see if i could get the marking off. Picture #2 has only the marks on the rim and in the place were the picture shows. the two others after i took pictures i saw cracks, one that has some nice size ones, and i wasn't going to put in the sell, but being one that has a hard time throughing workable things out, is not easy for me to do. The other one has the markings in picture # 3 and a small crack about 1/2" from top of rim by handle. Now after i pored boiling water in both, and let them set, they passed my in working condition test. I am selling my fire King cup collection and some FK bowls And that Copper Clad Stove they are setting on. Please if you have any concerns, you may email me with them.Thank You for your Visit,and if you have some more time, please go to my and look at my other FK cups & Stove. I ship on Tuesday TomTomClub
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