vintage first edition tiny tears..tlc

here is a vintage 1960's tiny tears, she is in one piece and all her joints are good, she has an original tiny tears dress on and her sleep eyes are good although she does not have any eyelashes. she has no splits and just need her eyelids touched in a little. she has the tip of one of her fingers missing , but no chew marks to her toes and her hair is all okay with no plugs missing to my knowledge. she has a feint greenish tinge to the top of her hairline/forehead, which is age and is typical in this dolls. but it is under her fringe. .she has a pink ink mark on the top side of her chest on the left of her body,,should be able to be removed with oxyten..but cannot be seen once dressed. she needs a little tlc..but is still sweet, i just do not have the time to see to her.stands 16 inches high..any questions please ask and thank you for looking at her.