I have for auction a Vintage 1983 Fisher Price Indy Racer Set #347. It is complete and in good working order. This is a great addition to your Fisher Price collection, or awesome vintage toy which is still relevant today. I have also included some extras with this set. They are; 2 racers, 1 blue car, 1 yellow car.

Here is the original catalogue type description:

Description: This is a 5-piece Original Little People Indy Racing team set. The set includes a truck, a trailer, a race car, and two Little People figures. The only piece sold in this set that is exclusive to this set is the trailer that hauls the race car. The trailer has a ramp on the back to allow the race car to drive on and off the ramp. The trailer also has a yellow lever that allows the trailer bed to tilt.


FPT491 - Yellow 1-seat truck with a white front grill, white bottom, and white bumpers. The truck has a hole on the back to attach/pull a trailer. The truck rolls on 4 knobby wheels. FPT432 - Yellow top, White base tilting flat-bed trailer. Rolls on 2 "knobby" wheels and has a hitch on the front. The trailer has a ramp on the back, and a yellow lever that makes the trailer bed tilt. FPT438 - Small red single seat race car with a high backrest and a spoiler on the back. The car rolls on 4 black plastic wheels held on via metal
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