5 Vintage Fishing Lures WOOD 1 in box South Bend Pflueger Heddon OLD !

5 Old Fishing Lure .. Great restoration project for the novice or expert!! Good start to a collection or addition to your collection!!
2 might be homemade??? No signatures. One is red long narrow body with a black head with lip. Hooks out of belly and out of end. It measures dabout 4 1/8 inches long. The next is yellow with red stripes. This one has an insert that looks like concrete or some other kind of hard stuff! The end is a notched tail where one triple hook is attached - another hook is attached at the belly. This one measures 3 1/4 inches long.
In what I believe is the original box . .The Genuine South Bend ( pat. Dec 19, 1916 ) Bass-Oreno the Bait that Truly Has a Wobbling Motion Floats when not in Motion - Dives and Swims when moving. Manufactured exclusively by South Bend Bait company Man'fr's of the Famous Bouth Bend Anti-Back Lash Reel South Bend Indiana.. the end has No. 973 ..color RSF. The box is cardboard and definately used condition but solid !! Now for the lure. I don't find a signature..this is why I don't know for sure if the box goes with the lure ..anyway. There are issue with the lure. Looks like some of the wood is chipped around the mouth .. might be minor but I don't know! There is a crazing to the paint and one small paint chip. 2 recessed belly triple hooks and one triple hook on the end.
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