Vintage Fleischmann's Full Can of Yeast

Very Rare unopened can of Active dry Yeast for Bakers. I searched everywhere for as much information on this can as I could. I could not find another full one like it let alone an empty one. This was manufactured by Standard Brands Inc. New York USA. (more info on the company provided below might give some insight to a possible date). The top of the can has the number 97080 this might be a clue as to the age as well. I apologize for not being able to give you anymore info then that.

This would make a wonderful addition to a Tin Can Collection or even possibly a gift for that chef or baker who like unusual and rare things. Directions for use of this product is on the side although I would not recommend it for any kind of use in baking or consumption.

It weighs 2lbs measures 7" tall and 4 1/2" across. The can is ribbed, color is blue with white and black writing. There is rust on the lid where the number is at but can still be read clear, also a few scratches but overall it is in great condition.

Info: In 1929 the Fleischmann Company, the Royal Baking Powder Company, and Chase and Sanborn merged to become Standard Brands Incorporated. Later, in August of that year, the Canadian branches of the parent companies, including E.W. Gillett, officially became known as Standard Brands Limited.The origin of the Fleischmann
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