Up for auction another beauty from the estate,It is a hinged bracelet.It has a safety chain,snap in clasp.Sorry,about my pictures,I do the best with what I have,and the pictures do no justice to this magnificant work of art.The bracelet is done in to stages,the flower and carved glass or stone cameo are done on a bracket,then mounted on the hinged band.The workman ship in this piece is exquisite,Heavily detailed.The pink and white cameo is nestled in a gold frame,it is hand set.The flower mofit is accented with tiny,tiny seed pearls,and tiny,tiny gold balls.Just a magnificant bracelet.What a wonderful old piece.This piece is signed FLORENZA.Every thing is perfect.Like new condition.Ready to wear.Low bid and no reserve.I do combine orders.I am listing lots of exquisite jewelry from this same estate,So check it out.I wrap very carefully,and take much pride in what I offer to you,so bid with confidence.T is no junk in my auctions,I gaurantee it.So please email me with any questions.And have a great day.Gale