Vintage Football Programme Chelsea v Cardiff City 27th Dec 1955

Chelsea v Cardiff City


27th December 1955

To say my Dad was a football fanatic is an understatement. Whilst clearing out my mothers loft, I came across boxes of old football memorabilia (books, diaries, programmes etc.) dating mainly from the 1950s & 1960s. unfortunately I did not share his passion and know very little about these items.

I now intend to start listing these over the coming months. Again due to my lack of knowledge I am listing under the category 'other football programmes'

8th Apr 14 - In response to a lot of questions I have received from eBayer's, please read paragraph below:

As I dig deeper, I am now beginning to realise that my Dad had acumulated many duplicate copies of the same programmes, especially when it comes to Swansea Town matches as well as some other unusual Swansea Town soccer items. In addition to the latter I have come across a load of 1966 World Cup items and other types of soccer memorabilia which I will also be listing in due course.

'Most' of the programmes are in "what I believe" to be great condition, especially considering their age.

Perception of condition varies from buyer to buyer, especially with programmes of this age - so I have taken high resolution photographs (including team player listing) so that
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