Description: Antique Bustanoby Freres Forbidden Fruit Liqueur Bottle - c. Early 20th Century

Maker/Brand: Bustanoby Freres

Features: Here's a beautiful antique Forbidden Fruit Liqueur Bottle from Bustanoby Freres, New York. This bottle once held the original Forbidden Fruit Liqueur produced by the Bustanoby brothers, famed New York restaurateurs of the early 20th Century. This is not to be confused with the firm of Chas. Jacquin, which acquired the Forbidden Fruit name in later years.

This bottle features a distinctive design that's embelished by pierced metal decorative bands that includes leaves, berries, and the Fleur-de-lis, in their design motif. The waist band is marked "Forbidden Fruit Bustanoby Freres NY." The cork stopper has a metal cross handle. This bottle once held the famous Forbidden Fruit Grapefruit Liqueur.

This beautiful bottle was designed by Andre Bustanoby. He was granted US Design Patent number 36,764 on the bottle on February 2, 1904. This information is etched on the bottom of the bottle (see photo 4). This bottle is in Excellent Vintage Condition, including the metal bands.

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