we have a real nice working FORD MOTORCRAFT dealership wall clock that is lighted. It measures 24 1/2 X 10 X 6 inches and will light up a room with soft light (perfect for a bar or garage for FORD lovers) because inside is a short flourescent tube which can be turned on with the pull chain/string which hangs down. It has holes to mount it on a wall and it also is designed to sit on a shelf if desired. The clock always runs when the unit is plugged in and the light can be turned on/off without affecting the clock. I'm told this item is circa 1969 or 1970 and was typically found at the parts counter of your local FORD dealer, and is in really nice condition with no damage. What I do want to point out, and not that it matters in the least from a funtional standpoint, is that to attach the two halves together, originally t were 4 small snap connectors. As I found this clock, 3 of them were snapped off and the dealer guys were joining the front to the back with black electrical tape along the top. This tape was old because it turned to dust when I disturbed it. You can see the remains of the tape along the top edge in one photo. As a solution to this problem, I went to Staples and got self adhesive backed velcro squares which I installed one in each corner. So now its more secure than stock, you don't have to worry about the front

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