Vintage Fossil Alarm Clock Wind Up Art Deco works

You are looking at a VERY COOL 1950's wind-up Fossil alarm clock . This clock is in great condition for it age. It works great and the alarm is LOUD! The colors are light blue, white and black. As you can see, the face of the clock has a couple from the 50's running, and the caption "Let's Go!" I'm not sure what all of the wind-up bottoms on the back are for, but I managed to set the clock, and watched it for several hours and it kept perfect time. You can see in picture #5 that the top buttom is missing a knob or wind-up key. You can still turn it with your fingers, but it's hard. This clock stands firm. The hour and minute hand are GLOW IN THE DARK . This is just a great old piece. It stands about 6" high and about 6" wide. It has a little dirt, and a couple scratches, but overall looks fantastic. There's not many of these left, don't let this one get away! Please feel free to ask any questions, and thank you for looking.