Christ in the Temple by Heinrich Johann Hofmann framed print by Campbell Prints Inc NY Printed in the U.S.A.

Style: European Paintings

Subject: Figures, Interiors, Religious

Dimensions: 12 5/8” wide x 10 5/8” tall in matted frame. This picture was purchased at an auction and is in the vintage frame it was purchased in.The print is in good condition with no marks or scratches to the frame. Great addition to any collection of Hofmann's work. Please look over the photos and email with any questions.

Heinrich Hofmann’s religious works resonate with the profound faith that guided his life and nourished his creativity. Hofmann (1824– 1911) painted subjects from literature and mythology, but is best known for his paintings of the life of Christ. Deeply affected by his beloved mother’s death, Hofmann was inspired to paint his first large religious work, “The Burial of Christ.” Intensely devout, he diligently studied the Bible before painting any scene from Christ’s life. He strongly believed that unless someone was moved to their innermost soul while painting religious subjects, they were incapable of the task. Four of Hofmann’s most famous works are currently displayed in New York’s Riverside Church.

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