Vintage Franz Kline Like Black And White Abstract

An astonishing original oil on canvas in the style and manner of Franz Kline. This original painting is teriffic because it is the closest to what Kline had done, style, composition and the depthness of black. 100% Kline like and unfortunately again, this painting was never signed, initialed or monogram, it is extremely near impossible to tell who had done this striking work. The size is great, it measures 23 inches in width by 52 1/2 inches in length. We have spent many of hours on google researching and making comparisons, especially to Franz Kline. This work is original in the sense because it is not a reproduction painting of one of his works nor by any other artist who had done this type of abstract expression.. If it were a Franz Kline then it would have been published somewhere in the past, but it is not,........but some other exressionist who must have admired Kline's work, that he or she had perfectly executed a type like Klines in perfect harmony to Franz Kline.

CONDITION; No holes or repairs or chipping whatsoever, there may be a small warp on the top or bottom stretcher bar for these were homemade or possibly alittle tention in one corner but not bad or distracting,.....I'm sure if need to be a framer can loosen a few tacks to loosen the canvas.

You will recieve exactly whats in my photograph
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