Vintage French Gold Plated Brass Carriage Clock

Spectacular Antique Gilded French Carriage Clock

During the pinnacle of 18th century European clockmaking, these compact clocks were developed that could maintain accurate timekeeping without the bulk of a swinging pendulum. Becuse time regulation was controlled by an oscillating "platform escapement", the new clocks could operate in any position, even while moving like aboard a ship at sea. Even while running, such a clock could be included with its owner's luggage when traveling, an unheard of luxury in that era. On our clock, the oscillating platform escapement can be viewed through a small oval window located on the top of the clock case (see image). Most of these clocks were produced by France's most prominent clockmakers in Paris. This clock is marked (on the movement back plate) with name "R & Co., Made in Paris".

Because this clock had been in storage for 40 years, we were pleased to find it keeps time within a few minutes per day. We estimate its age at being just over 100 years. Despite its longevity, there are minimal signs of aging and imperfections in the beautiful 24-carat gold finish.

Included with the clock will be the original double-end key which is used both for winding and to adjust the hands position from the back face of the movement. Your clock will be appropriately packed to
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