Vintage Friez Bendix ML-450 Psychrometer s/n 213

Bendix Psychron ML-450 A/UM Psychromoter
Manufactured by Friez Instrument Division
Bendix Aviation Corporation
Baltimore, Maryland
1957 s/n 213
This authentic vintage very low serial number #213 psychrometer was made circa 1957 by Friez Instrument Division of the Bendix Aviation Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland. Manufactured for the Bureau of Naval Weapons, this military model ML-450 A/UM 4.5V DC instrument has seen very heavy usage.
This instrument is authentic, having been discarded but is still intact in original case with original manual. Has not been tested. Selling AS IS for collector's value. Contains 3 original label plates, two large empty distilled water bottles, 1 smaller empty distilled water bottle enclosed within instrument, battery compartment cover, protective air flow cover, shoulder strap, and a very worn but still legible instruction manual dated June 1957. Manual is labeled "NAVAER 50-30FR-530 Instruction 509941" and titled "Instructions for Psychrometer ML-450A/UM and Tables of Dew Point and Relative Humidity".
To repeat, this instrument has not been tested and is offered AS IS for unique authentic collector's value.
Instrument and well worn case are intact (not broken) but the dry bulb thermometer is missing. Wet bulb thermometer is still present. This item
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