Vintage Fun With Transistors Book

Fun With Transistors

Gilbert Davey.

Edited by Jack Cox.


Transistors - What they are and what they do.

Introduction to transistor radio receivers.

A simple transistor, employing a diode and one transistor.

A pocket transistor receiver for use with a personal earphone.

A simple R.F. and detector unit.

A superhet tuning module.

The intermediate - frequency module.

Transistor audio amplifiers using transformers.

Transistor audio amplifiers without transformers.

Transistor Superheterodyne receivers.

Transistor short-wave receivers.

A transistor Oscillator for practising morse code.

Battery eliminators for operating transistor receivers from the electricity mains.

Modern applications of transistors

Revised edition 1971

Hardback with plastic covering.

Has been written in and is an ex library book