Vintage Gamewell Fire Alarm, Pull Box, with Key

You are viewing a nice old vintage, collectible , Gamewell fire alarm, that measures 17" Tall X 10.75 inches wide X 6 inches deep, with an additional 1 3/4 inch for the pull mechanism.

It has a small tag inside that says: underwriters laboratories Inc. Inspected Private Fire Alarm Box.

This box is in very good condition, and is quite clean inside , having been kept inside a kitchen for many years. It works well, and comes with the door key . Although there are no markings specifying where this box came from, the fireman who owned it, now retired was was a member of the San Jose Fire Dept., and I now have have verbal confirmation that it did come from San Jose California.

The plastic cover for the alarm system inside has two small cracks on the face, and that's all the damage I can see anywhere. It has most of it's original red paint, but the sun has faded it somewhat. There are also some words scratched into the paint on the back. The outside pull down lever is missing a small amount of white paint also.

The key and the top plug are placed in an envelope inside for shipment. Shipment for this item from California to N.Y.C. is $31.63 USPS mail.

I do not accept international bids.