Vintage General Electric Big Deco Gold Bakelite School Wall Clock Works

Odd version on this General Electric wall clock I had never seen before.....Gold metallic old finish on the bakelite that looks original and is professionally done.....I have seen them brown, black and I think silver, but never a gold version before....Circa 1950's large wall clock measures about 14" across the glass bezel, it hangs about 3" off the wall deep....Plastic attached cord has pretty good length to it, it is working and seems to keep time fine.....No cracks or chips to the bakelite body or the glass face....Face looks great, no stains or issues, has a sweep second hand....Gold is in nice condition as well...Not all scratched up or worn off....Nice looking old clock will make a good find to use in the kitchen or up on the wall....Buyer pays 14.00 shipped USA lower 48