Vintage General Electric Radio and Docking Station

General Electric Micro Electronic Transistor Radio and Docking and Charging Station

Model P-1740

I have for you in this auction, a very rare used GE transistor radio and docking station.

I believe that this system is over 50-years old and it is in great condition. This unit was made clearly before its time.

The radio and station powers up and the speakers on both work. Both the on/off and tuning selectors work good and the station's charging system works as does the radio. The Radio holds its charge.

I was not able to get a radio station; however, t was static coming from the radio, on and off the docking station, as well as the speaker on the dock.

As you can seen in the photos, this is a very clean and good looking system. It is brown with gold speaker covers on both units and appears to be wrapped in leather I have never seen a system like this one and am sure it is hard to find. Don't miss this one!

This is a great looking radio and it deserves to be in a well established collection.

Good luck bidding!